Glass Fireproof Columns!

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Glass  Fireproof  Columns  are a  decorative  covering  for  a  structural columns, that carry a fire rating by Underwriters  Laboratories.  The   tempered glass column cover is composed of three or more sections configured  to  form  an enclosure,  which  then  surrounds  the  structural  fireproof column  so  that  the  column  itself  is  not visible.

Glass Fireproof Columns allow a variety of decorative options, including marketing, branding or advertising images can be digitally printed in ceramic inks on the glass panel using a process of Vision Ink by Glasshape If temporary or changeable images are desired, a vinyl wrap system can be used and easily changed out on site. Glass Fireproof Columns can also  be illuminated for custom designs with factory or site installed LED lighting for architectural applications.

About the core fireproofing

Black  Rock  Prefabricated  Fireproof   Columns   were  introduced  in  1972  and  are  a   market   leader   in   the   UL    Listed    prefabricated   fireproof column industry. Our columns are designed as a prefabricated fireproof unit consisting of a load- bearing steel column encased in a proprietary insulating material which is permanently protected by an outer shell of non-load-bearing steel. Black Rock columns are rated and labeled by UL for fire retardant classifications of 2, 3 and 4 hour rating per ASTM E 119, as well as the latest specifications of the American Institute of Steel Institute, (AISI), and the American Concrete institute, (ACI). The inner load-bearing core column can be a wide-flange (WF), pile or hollow steel section (HSS) shape, meeting current ASTM grades. All core column fabrication is within accordance with American Institute of Steel Construction, (AISC), standards and practices. All connections are attached to the core column and can be designed to penetrate the outer shell without affecting the hourly rating, maintaining AISC standards.


The outer steel shell is available in many shapes and sizes, with custom sizing available. The attractive architecturally exposed structural steel, (AESS),  outer shells make Black Rock the premier choice for exposed areas, including window wall construction, schools, dormitories, hospitals and parking   garages.

Structural WF, pipe, and HSS square  and  rectangular  shapes  meet  ASTM   standards   and  all outer shells are coated with standard  metal  primer (unless specified  otherwise)  prior  to  shipping. Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Bronze Cor-Ten, Galvanizing, SP-6 sandblasting and high- performance coatings are readily available.

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Stylish Exposed Steel Columns with Fireproof Columns 

Black Rock provides structural elements with architectural impact. At the same time, we save owners cost and cut installation time;

  • Factory column fireproofing (eliminating the need for field labor to apply other forms of fireproof coatings).
  • Exacting quality control performed by our in-shop factory professionals.
  • Decreased long-term maintenance costs and the added durability of exterior steel shells.
  • Predictable scheduling as Black Rock Fireproof Column delivers to site completely fireproofed and prefabricated columns, ready for erection.
  • No additional trades needed for on-site fire protection products.
  • Added security and confidence of working with the AISC approved structural fireproof protection of Black Rock Fireproof Columns.

At Black Rock, we have our own professional trucking fleet of 15 tractors and 40 trailers, which means we can assure on-time building column deliveries. We can also tap into a network of over-the-road trucking partners to meet peak customer demands

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